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About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves! 
This little nugget is Harlow Quinn, my love-bug, tom-girl Chihuahua. And I'm Kyle - the one lucky enough to have this little girl in my life.
Here's our story so you can learn more about us and what we are about. 
In 2007 I graduated high school from the small island town of Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Throughout high school I worked hard to be accepted into my dream college - The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Luckily I was accepted and given a full scholarship - but things just didn't work out how I imagined and I was dealt a heavy blow in a variety of facets of my life. It was truly my one of my low moments in life. 
I left my dream college and all of my friends behind and returned home, scorned and broken in December of 2008. It was learning moment for me, and I learned at that time to pick myself up by my bootstraps (not literally - but I do come from a family lineage known as the Salt Water Cowboys) and carry on. 
That spring, prior to my birthday, I moved into a tiny apartment and enrolled online into the community college system to continue my college education (being I was the first in my family to go to college - I was not going to be stopped.) I had always wanted a little dog, I grew up with Labradors and they're amazing dogs, but I always wanted a little one. Right before my birthday, I found an ad in a local paper for Chihuahua puppies about an hour north of home. There were three boys, and one girl - I automatically knew she was meant for me. 
The day I went to see her was a tough day. The home was barely standing and the conditions were awful. Harlow was in a baby play pen with her three brothers and there was no way that I was leaving her in those conditions. If I wasn't a broke college kid, I would have bought her brothers as well, but I knew that I had to save her from a possible future as a dog for breeding purposes only. 
Our first year was rough, we had her spaying surgery, potty training, and so forth - but from the very first night she's never left my side. 
Harlow and I have been on a journey to say the very least. We moved to Norfolk, Virginia where I finished my college degree, and back to Williamsburg where it all began. We've come full circle. 
I wanted to create a company that told people's stories, and that was there to show love, compassion, kindness, and hope for everyone just like Harlow has done for me. Since this little girl has given me so much, the least I could do was make this her namesake... As little of time that we may have together, I wanted a way to keep her with me forever and to honor her in a way that words cannot express. 
Now, we bring everything that Harlow Quinn embodies to you. 
We hope that our story inspires you, gives you all of the emotions and feelings, and that you'll join in with us on this amazing journey we are setting out on. 
Harlow is goofy, silly, strong, loving, caring, kind, protective and loves unconditionally.
We could all be a little more like Harlow Quinn. 

We are committed to making the world a better place, and to start that off - each item that is purchased gives 10 Meals to those in need. 
We look forward to creating and working with more charities in the future.

Handmade in Williamsburg, Virginia.  


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